Knitted Shadecloth






















Many crops can benefit from shading and for some it is essential.


The colours of shadecloth available in black, green and white.


The commercial-grade monofilament U.V. stabilised. It is extruded in-house by our supplier and is the converted/manufactured into shadecloth fabric. This allows for close monitoring and improved consistency of the raw material that is used for the construction of this quality range.


5 year pro rata U.V. light warranty.


The shadecloth incorporates sewn-in-eyelets along both edges for easier installation in lightweight application.


Three shade densities are available : 50%, 70% and 80%.


Actual shade factors will vary dependent on angle and level of light. More or less shade may be required at different times of the year.


The shadecloth has been developed to provide your plants with long-term protection from scorching sun and damaging winds. It also reduces evaporation losses. It is available in a range of shade factors which allows you to create a microclimate suitable for your plant type and location. Shadecloth is easy to use. It will not fray when it is cut and installation times are reduced. Shadecloth is made to high quality standards from superior UV-stabilised yarn to ensure maximum life expectancy. Shadecloth is available in widths of 1.83m and 3,66m.






This is the high strength hot house fabric, the Peace-of-Mind Cover. Solarweave resists tearing and stops small punctures becoming major tears. It lets you feel secure in the knowledge that your valuable plants will continue to be protected. Solarweave Clear has a high light transmission, approximately 85%. This ensures maximum productivity from your plants while providing the protection they need. Solarweave is also available in with a 50% light transmission for tropical conditions and sensitive plants. We are so confident we have the toughest hot house fabric available, we offer solarweave with this Warranty: As long as the fabric is installed correctly and pesticides containing sulphur and halogens are not used, rheem warrants that the fabric will not fail due to the effects of UV light for a period of two years.







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