Frame Guard Tape


Polyguard application :

Ensure that surfaces are clean and dry and ambient air temperature is above 24oC before applying Polyguard










Polyguard is a self-adhesive felt tape designed to provide a soft barrier between the greenhouse frame and the polythene cladding.


By  reducing abrasion and excessive temperature at the frame/film contact points, both extended film life and reduced maintenanc3 covers can be expected.


The quality materials used in the manufacture of Polyguard ensure a long and cost effective services life.


1.         White felt component

            A 100% UV stable white “upper” belt that withstands mould and rot degredation. The felt includes a hot-melt bond fibre providing it with extra stability. It resists “prilling” and movement even under heavy cover abrasion conditions.

2.         Adhesive contact

            A highly aggressive acrylic compound adhesive that adheres readily to aluminium, steel and timber frame work. This particular adhesive has excellent resistant to temperature and moisture

3.         Proven to last and perform

            Polyguard is the chosen frame guard tape used by New Zealand and others commercial greenhouse manufacturers throughout Australia. It has been proven to last and perform for many years. Polyguard is a preventative maintenance product that is an integral component in any greenhouse re-skinning work.


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