Non Dript Nozzle


Pneu Jet Nozzle


This nozzle is an extension of the lower drift flat fan which comprises of a carefully sized pre-orifice in conjunction with our stsndard flat fan secondary orifice interconnected with an expansion chamber.
This arrangement allows the finer droplets to coalesce with the larger before discharge reulting in a significant reduction in driftable droplets.
With the Pneu'Jet air infusion nozzle, the addition of a side hole draws in air to infuse the fluid stream which provides yet a further enhancement to the lower drift characteristics.
This makes this nozzle ideal for sensitive spraying applications.









An Air Infusion Nozzle which draws in air to provide large aerated droplets which can shatter upon target impact and disperse rather than bounce as with traditional large droplets, to provide improved coverage and penetration with reduced drift.



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