EC On-demand Doser


The EC Mini-doser is cheap enough to use as a  mains powered monitor, continuously displaying the measured electrical conductivity.  By adding solenoid valves or dosing pumps it becomes a low cost dosing system.  

  • Reading can be changed to EC or CF
  • Timed dosing for easy set-up
  • Range from 0 to 99CF (0 to 9.9mS)
  • Resolution 0.1CF (0.01mS) below 10CF, then 0.5CF (0.05mS) from 10 CF to 40 CF and finally 1CF(0.1mS) above 40CF.
    (this provides accuracy at the lower end where it is required)
  • Two year warranty
  • Graphite electrodes for minimal contamination
  • Easy to recalibrate by using 27.64CF standard solution
  • Built-in alarm (can be turned off)







pH On - demand Doser


The pH Mini-doser may be used as a mains powered monitor or by adding solenoid valves or pumps it becomes a fully functional dosing system.   The advantage of using a mains powered monitor is that it is possible to generate a small amount of heat inside the box which reduces the possibility of condensation forming - the main cause of failure in pH monitoring equipment.  The controller will add either acid or alkali (to lower or raise the pH) .

  • Timed dosing for easy set-up
  • Resolution 0.01 pH
  • Range from 0 to 14pH 
  • Replaceable BNC standard pH electrode
  • Two year warranty
  • Built-in alarm (can be turned off)
  • Easy to recalibrate using pH7 and pH4 buffer solutions








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