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Green House and Shade House

          Commercial Polyethylene Green House

o         Tropical Green House

o         Tunnel Double Roof Green House

o         Sawtooth Green House

o         Tunnel Green House

o         Piggy Back Green House

          Research Green House

o         Glass Green House

o         Polycarbonate Green House

          Shade House

o         Flat Shade House

o         Tunnel Shade House


o         Domestic Glass Green House

o         Domestic Shade House

          Green House Accessories

Watering System

          Misting System

          Spray System Under Shade House

          Sprinkle System for Open/Holding Area

          Oil Palm Main Nursery Watering System

          Drip Irrigation System

o         Driptape Irrigation System

o         Dripline Irrigation System

o         Drip Stick Irrigation System

          Irrigation Boom

          Watering System Accessories



Landscape and Recreation Centre

Seed, Seedling and Cover Crops

Seedling Production

Tubes & Trays


Project Experiences


Opportunity and Development