Misting Controller


 Phytotronics® 12 Zone Misting Controller — Model-12A

The 12A twelve zone controller is what many of the large growers have been asking for. Easy to use and with the same reliable technology as used on the other Phytotronics controllers, this 12 zone controller is sure to be a hit. The "at a glance” design is what growers have been looking for. No longer will you have to have a manual handy to program your mist cycles. This unit is so simple anyone could understand it "at a glance". The plug in 24 volt transformer (included) allows the unit to be plugged into a standard 120 volt outlet and converts the power to 24 volts for safe operation. If you do misting on a large scale, this controller is what you have been waiting for. Engineered for the Horticultural Industry with Solid State Electronics

·                      12 ZONES OF CONTROL One zone at a time, not to exceed 20 watts per zone,

·                      ONE ZONE OPERATION The system is designed so that no more than one zone will be in operation at a time. This eliminates the possibility of reduced water pressure uneven misting, or solenoids being stuck in an open phase with not enough water pressure to close them,

·                      VARIABLE MISTING TIME PER ZONE “On” time settings can be set at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, or 20 seconds,

·                      VARIABLE INTERVALS BETWEEN "ON" TIME Time between misting periods can be set at 2, 4, 6,10, 20, 20, 30, 60 or 120 minutes,

·                      INCREASED FLEXIBILITY The “Time Extender” switch multiplies all times by 1x, 2x and 3x,

·                      Self-resetting fuse PROTECTIONA self-resetting fuse eliminates the need to change fuses and protects the units' circuitry from electrical surges,

·                      INDICATOR LAMPS Lights tell at a glance what zone is in operation, and the “power on” light indicates when the controller is activated,

·                      MANUAL OVERRIDE Each zone can be turned on or off as long as desired,

·                      SOLID STATE CIRCUITRY Other than time switches, there are no moving parts to wear out,

·                      AUTOMATIC OR MANUAL CONTROL AVAILABLE The controller can be wired to a 24-hour timer or a Photoelectric eye to turn the controller on in the morning and off in the evening,

·                      EASY TO INSTALL AND OPERATE Complete wiring diagram with instructions for installation and operation are included with each controller,

·                      SMALL AND COMPACT The controller measures 9" wide x 6" tall x 3" deep and weighs 7 lbs,

·                      SAFE OPERATION The 12A controller has a plug-in 24 VAC transformer.

·                      ACCURATE AND TROUBLE FREE The Phytotronics Misting Controller was designed specifically for the horticultural industry. The grower has the flexibility that is needed for misting with adjustable times on each zone.


 Phytotronics® Model 1626D Misting Controller

Phyto-Classic® Misting Controller™ — The introduction of the 1626D Misting Controller was stimulated by the combined popularity of Models 1626A, B, and C, and requests from loyal customers served for over 20 years. It is redesigned with some new technology, including updated lightning and electrical surge protection, built-in self-resetting circuit breaker, brighter LED’s, new switches, on-off control, and a heavy steel cabinet to protect electronic components. The 1626D is available with a plug-in 24VAC transformer and a 20' cord with a 2-prong plug for 120VAC input and 24VAC output. Engineered for the Horticultural Industry with Solid State Electronics. The others specification same with the above Phytotronics® 12 Zone Misting Controller — Model-12A but only 6 ZONES OF CONTROL.



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