Anti Virus Mesh



“Protect your investments and save costs”

“Anti Virus Mesh” prevents small insects and virus vectors from penetrating greenhouses and causing extensive damage to vegetables and flowers.  Already in use throughout the world, the Anti Virus Mesh is mounted on the greenhouse walls or covers the entire structure  (including roof and sides).  The mesh is designed to allow maximum ventilation throughout the year.  Anti Virus Mesh is made to top quality material and can be used for many years.  Wherever our mesh has been installed, the use of costly, hazardous insecticides has been eliminated.


Anti Virus Mesh has the following advantages:

·                     Quarantine approved by Australian Quarantine Department for PH1 standard quarantining.

·                     Maximum air-circulation to enable best yield inside the greenhouse

·                     100% blockage of “Bemisia Tabaci” whitefly, eliminates use of chemicals

·                     The mesh is U.V.A. stabilised and can be used for many years

·                     The size of the holes is very accurate, due to a special weaving technology (0.27mm x 0.84mm)

·                     The yarn diameter is 0.24mm.  This makes the mesh 45% stronger than mesh based on 0.20mm yarns.

·                     It is made from the best raw materials available

·                     If the mesh is mechanically punctured, it will keep strength and stability

·                     The mesh has been tested for many years in various climates, with very successful results

·                     Shade factor 25%

·                     Reduction in wind resistance –approximately 35%















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