Aluminet® Shade Cloths


ALUMINET® is a special knitted screen made from High Density Polyethylene strips laminated with aluminum that has been specially treated to prevent oxidation. It is available in different shading levels. Due to the unique knitted structure of the screen, it does not unravel with wear. It can be cut and sewn at any angle with no fraying or damage to cloth, under normal use.Due to the superior reflectability and light weight of ALUMINET®, it is the perfect cloth to cover the outside of a greenhouse instead of standard black shade cloth. In addition to providing all of the benefits of standard shade cloth, it does not absorb the heat. Its dual functions shade and cool the greenhouse. Much lighter in weight than standard shade cloth, ALUMINET® is easy and quick to install.
• Superior reflectability
• Reduces exhaust fan usage — saves energy
• U.V. stabilized
• High tensile strength
• Lightweight, easy to handle
• Keeps house cooler than black shade cloth
• Improved light diffusion
• Easily fastened to greenhouse.







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