Air-Cool Fagging & Cooling Fans


Air Cool Greenhouse Cooling Fan






Water atomising fog dispersion unit

Aircool centrifugal evaporative fan cooling system is ideal for use in greenhouses, livestock sheds and many other applications.

Aircool does not require the use of complicated high pressure pumps/lines, mist nozzles or compressors.

Aircool fan uses a unique high-speed water disc centrifuge that atomises water at mains pressure (1-6 bar) into a super-fine spray.

It does not suffer, therefore, from the typical clogging of nozzles or have the high maintenance of other systems.

The water disc atomising centrifuge operates at a very high rpm using it's own separate motor drive.  It is located in line with the fans exhaust outlet, which efficiently disperses a body of cooling water vapour.

Aircool fan unit can be expected to reduce internal air temperatures by 4-8 degrees* and in some cases will reduce air temperatures below that of outside air.

                     Aircool produces a droplet size ranging from 10-25 microns, dependent on the set flow rate.  The evaporation rate and achieved performance is symbiotic to the environments' relative humidity and droplet size produced by the Aircool.  Aircool is not designed for chemical application.


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