About Us


PT MITRA ATEDASELARAS was established on May 20th, 1995 and commenced operation in that year to service a growing Nursery Industry with main services in :

                     Designing, consultant, costing (budgeting), fabricating, installation (supervision), service and maintenance (or with contract of services) of forestry, agricultural, horticultural, plantation, recreation center, landscape and golf course facilities,

                     Seedling Production and Seed Supplies,

                     Nursery Training (Basic & Advance), and

                     Integrating Community Development Program


At the beginning of our operation, our major customer is Forestry (Re-Forestry) company and Plantation. All major island in Indonesia has use our product and services.


Since middle of 1997, we diversity our services in trading of forestry, agricultural, horticultural, plantation product including export of sawn timber to Malaysia and China.


Beside the above, we go to retail horticultural industry and build of hydroponics and flower production facilities and is our main service. Many person and company have came to our company to buy or to get our best and competitive services and product.


Now, our company supported by accumulation of 76 years experiences in same industry and supported by Australian Horticultural and Horticultural Structures and Equipment Specialist.



Chair Women & Board of Director


Chair Women :

Commisioner : Mrs. Sumiaty Rachmat (Lie Yin)

Board of Director :

President Director : Mr. Amrunas Hadis

Director : Mr. Sutrisno